Turquoise - December

Watercolour Turquoise Gemstone


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You are known as;

Loyal ♦ Generous ♦ Sociable ♦ Humorous ♦ Honest ♦ Impatient

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December Birthstone ♦ Zodiac sign associations for Sagittarius and Capricorn ♦ Planet associations are Venus and Neptune ♦ Earth/Air/Fire Elements

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Colours include turquoise, blue, green and yellow-greenTriclinic crystal system ♦ 5.0 - 6.0 on Mohs' hardness scale ♦ Opaque ♦ Waxy to subvitreous luster  

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Throat Chakra ♦ Purification ♦ Protection ♦ Balance ♦ Strength ♦ Positive Thinking

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Known as a holy or spiritual stone, worn for protection and as a symbol of wisdom, turquoise has been prized for centuries all over the world, but we most often associate it with the Native Americans. For this reason I have chosen the America's to collect my legends from for this page, and like the British dialect's, they are many and varied.  

Native American Cave Painting Petroglyghs

The Origin of Turqouise

Our picture depicts a family creating a cave painting in a similar vein to those that you can see in the Southwest of America. 

They are using petroglyths to tell a us of a great drought. This is symbolised by the sun, cactus and lizard. It is a very long drought, and much time passes as can been seen from the black and white circles on the lines. Finally, there is rain! The tribe cries, dances and rejoices that life is restored to them. 

Their salty tears mingle with the rain and turn into turquoise which becomes a symbol of life and a much loved stone.

Most turquoise has a beautiful matrix of lines running through it. The early Native Americans believed in the protective power of the stone and that these cracks and matrices meant that the gem had taken a blow that it's wearer would otherwise have received.

The Apache associated turquoise with the sky and water as well and believed that if you could find the end of a rainbow, instead of a little leprechaun and pot of gold, you would find turquoise in the soft damp earth. I'd be happy with either of those :)

Somewhat less tantalising is the Hopi belief that our beautiful blue gemstone was the excrement of a mythological lizard. But if you don't mind, we won't dwell on that one. Suffice to say that it has been a sacred stone for generations and is still much loved and appreciated around the world today.


Who doesn't like the beauty of turquoise. Paired with silver, this gemstone is as versatile as it is beautiful. Check out my shop for a piece of history.

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The colour of Turquoise changes with time and so symbolizes the cycle of life with all it's twists and turns.

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The beautiful illustration of the little family cave painting together is by the hugely talented Carlos Balarezo.

And a huge thank you to Graphicbug for the watercolour gemstone images on each birthstone page. So talented!