Topaz - November

Watercolour Imperial Topaz Gemstone


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You are known as;

Self motivated ♦ Inquisitive ♦ Brave ♦ Patient ♦ Determined ♦ Lots of ideas ♦ Unpredicable

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November Birthstone ♦ Sunday Daystone ♦ Zodiac sign associations for Scorpio and Sagittarius ♦ Planet association is Jupiter ♦ Air Element

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Comes in pretty much every colour; Colourless, yellow, orange, brown, pink, red, purple red, blue, green ♦ Orthorombic crystal system ♦ 8.0 on Mohs' hardness scale ♦ Transparent to opaque ♦ Vitreous luster ♦ Pleochroism ♦ Weak fluorescence

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Yellow Topaz for Solar Plexus  ♦ Blue Topaz for Throat Chakras ♦ Recharging ♦ Generosity ♦ Good Fortune ♦ Communication

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Ahh Topaz. It is a mystery. Often misunderstood, often the master of disguise. It has been a challenge to find one all encompasing myth to tell it's story. So, instead, I will give you a few little titbits.  

Egyptian God Ra and Topaz

The Golden Sun

The ancient Egyptians, and also the Greeks and the Romans, associated topaz with their Sun Gods.

The Eqyptians believed that their Sun God Ra imbued topaz with the rays of the sun to make it a beautiful golden colour.

In fact, some scholars have traced the origin of the word 'topaz' back to the Sanskrit word 'tapaz' which means 'fire'.

It was known as a protective stone and could ward against evil spirits. More than that, it could make you stronger, make you invisible and give you a long life. 

Drop it in your wine and it will cure all kinds of pains, but don't try this at home! :) Disclaimer

This is a little video that accompanies The Golden Sun music that Breezy over at breezymusic put together for me. You should check out his website! He's one talented guy. You'll love him if you like Pet Shop Boys & Chemical Brothers etc.

Beautiful Blues

Topaz also comes in a range of beautiful blue tones. Sky, Swiss and London. And I promise will tell you more about them. Just as soon as I know more to tell you :) Please come back soon!


We have whites, yellows, Sky Blue and London Blue topaz galore in our shop.  Often used in highstreet jewellery to accent other gemstones, we like to give it center stage at Adornate.

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Topaz has the most beautiful crystal structure, when in the lighter tones it looks like little drops of frozen water. 

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A huge thank you and doffed cap to Andrew Sterling for his majestic illustration of the Egyptian God Ra. 

And another to Graphicbug for the watercolour gemstone images on each birthstone page. So talented!