Terms & Disclaimer


Terms of Use and Disclaimer

AKA - Please do not eat gemstones. If you feel unwell, or are unwell, go to the Doctors. Some "facts" are written for entertainment purposes only - it should be fairly obvious when this occurs. Also, please do not plagerise or steal from me or the artists on my website. Read on for more details.

Terms of Use 

  • I sell via PayPal and Etsy. If you purchase any of my jewellery on Etsy, both you and I will be bound by their Terms of Use, Buyer Policy, Seller Policy and Privacy Policy. PayPal Payments also have their own protection policy.  You pass payment to them, and they pass payment on to the seller (me) of the item. The seller (me) won't be able to see your bank details.
  • My website/blog is about entertaining or informing you about gemstones or jewellery. Why? Because I like gemstones and jewellery.
  • I like my day-job. This is not my day job. Nothing you see on this website or link from this website represents anyone or anything I am associated with in a personal or professional capacity. Nothing here is ever intended to malign any religion, ethic group, club, organisation, company or individual.
  • I also like stories, myths, legends and trivia. And to research interesting or amusing content, I have web googled, read a great many books, and watched many programs and films. Some of the information has rattled around in my head and ended up on this website. (But that doesn’t make any of it true).
  • I acknowledge my sources. But that does not make it true either, even if they say it is in their book/blog/site/program.
  • You are here reading my site of your own free will and I have not magicked you into paying any attention whatsoever.
  • I therefore will not be liable for;
    • Any errors or omissions of information on this site,
    • Nor any losses, injuries or damages from the use of this information,
    • Nor any information found by following a link on this site.


  • No part of this website may be reproduced without our written consent.
  • All images belong to Dawn Jehle and/or we have gained permission to use them, and/or we have purchased the copyright.

Hold Harmless

  • As stated in the terms of use, this website is written to entertain or inform you about gemstones. I am NEVER providing medical, legal or other professional advice.
  • Sometimes I will mention that a gemstone apparently has physical, mental or spiritual effects on us humans. But I am not, no way, not ever, advocating this. It is simply something that I have read from a number of sources and have added on my website for entertainment or informational purposes only.
  • You are therefore reading and/or using information on my website at your own risk.

Privacy Statement

Reserve Rights

  • I reserve the right to change the use of my website, or close it, or sell it, or eat it, or do anything that I like with it, at my own discretion.

Advertisers and Sponsors

  • I am not responsible for the actions of my advertisers or sponsors.
  • I do not actually have any advertisers or sponsors. But if I did, and they do something you do not like, you need to tell them and not me. They won’t call you back though as they don’t exist.
  • I do acknowledge my sources – and again, if you look at their their book/blog/site/program and see/hear/use/buy something from them that you do not like, please let them know and not me as I am not responsible for them.
Note that the terms of use and disclaimer here are subject to change at any time, with or without notice. Though I’ve no idea why I would re-write this, I may be compelled to do so. But oh goodness I hope not!!