Ruby - July

Watercolour ruby gemstone


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You are known to be;

Tactful ♦ Witty ♦ Approachable ♦ Caring ♦ Loner ♦ Sympathetic ♦ Brooding

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July Birthstone ♦ 40th Anniversary ♦ Tuesday Daystone ♦ Zodiac sign associations for Cancer and Leo ♦ Planet association is the Sun ♦ Fire Element

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From classic red through to crimson and dark pink ♦ Terminated tabular hexagonal prism crystal system ♦ 9.0 on Mohs' hardness scale ♦ Transparent to translucent to opaque ♦ Subadamantine luster

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Base and Heart Chakra ♦ Joy ♦ Passion ♦ Courage ♦ Vigor ♦ Spontaneity

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There are many accounts of Ruby throughout history and mythology. But this telling of the Kublai Khan's reverence for the legendary ruby in the King of Ceylon's possession is my favourite. Marco Polo may or may not have heard or seen everything exactly as he wrote it in his books, but his words are as enchanting as the ruby he describes.  

From The Book of Ser Marco Polo c 1300



 " When you leave the Island of Angamanain and sail about a thousand miles in a direction a little south of west, you come to the Island of SEILAN, which is in good sooth the best Island of its size in the world. They have a king there whom they call SENDEMAIN, and are tributary to nobody.  "

Map of Ceylon

"Now I will ... tell you of the most precious article that exists in the world. You must know that rubies are found in this Island and in no other country in the world but this. 

They find the also sapphires and topazes and amethysts and may other stones of price. And the King of this Island possesses a ruby which is the finest and biggest in the world; I will tell you what it is like."

"It is about a palm in length, and as thick as a man’s arm; to look at, it is the most resplendent object upon earth; it is quite free from flaw and as red as fire. Its value is so great that a price for in it money could hardly be named at all. 

You must know that the Great Kaan sent an embassy and begged the King as a favour greatly desired by him to sell him this ruby, offering to give for it the ransom of a city, or in fact what the King would. But the king replied that on no account whatsoever would he sell it, for it had come to him from his ancestors."

Marco Polo c 1300


Known as the King of Gems, ruby is one of the classics. We have plenty on offer in our shop and love it paired pearls.

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Did you know that ruby and sapphire are the same mineral Corundum. Ruby is the red variety, and sapphire is every other colour.

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I have to extend a very big thank you to Eugene Korolev for the illustration of the Kublai Khan's emissary asking the King of Ceylon for his ruby. The price? A city. And he still refused. This illustration is worth a city. 

And another huge thank you to Graphicbug for the watercolour gemstone images on each birthstone page. So talented!