Peridot - August

Watercolour peridot gemstone


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You are known to be;

Fearless ♦ Generous ♦ Spirited ♦ Kind and caring ♦ Charming ♦ Tempestuous

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August Birthstone ♦ 16th Anniversary ♦ Zodiac sign associations for Leo and Virgo ♦ Planet association is Mercury ♦ Earth Element

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Bright green ♦ Orthorhombic crystal system ♦ 6.5 - 7.0 on Mohs' hardness scale ♦ Transparent ♦ Vitreous ♦ Extremely high double refraction

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Heart Chakras ♦ Cleanser ♦ Renewal ♦ Comfort ♦ Alleviates resentment

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Peridot is August's Birthstone. And WOW. This gemstone has some stories to tell. The tears of a Goddess. Beaches on Earth. Found in meteorites. Discovered on the planet Mars. This has got to be one of the most exciting gemstones ever!

Martian Peridot Newspaper Article

In October 2003, data from NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor space probe found outcrops of the mineral olivine, also known as peridot in an area called Nili Fossae , on the planet Mars.

This is the very first discovery of a gemstone on another planet. In fact, the space probe mapped an area of approximately 19,000 square miles rich in this beautiful bright green mineral. It is also the only gemstone found in meteors (called Pallasites). These are very rare, comprising less than 1% of all meteorites.Some scientists believe that the outcrops on Mars were thrust up to the surface following the impact of an asteroid or comet earlier in the planet’s history.

Hawaiian Goddess Pele

Us earthlings can walk on our own peridot beaches in the Hawaiian islands (specifically the islands of Kauai and Oahu) for a small taste of this extra-terrestrial landscape.

This gemstone is so prolific there that in Hawaiian mythology, the volcano goddess Pele was said to weep tears of peridot. Though this goddess was known more for her temper and passion than her tears. Indeed, peridot is also known as Pele's diamonds.

Locals believed these were gifts from Pele who actually created the islands according to their legends. Thus visitors to Hawaii beware! Taking any sacred stones or sand from the islands is very bad luck and invokes the rage of the goddess.

For a lovely little video about how peridot forms, please click this link to the Gemological Institute of America. In a nutshell, most peridot is formed in the Earth's mantle and then carried to the surface by volcanic activity.

Peridot is thought to bring wealth, growth and also apparently has the power to heal. But in ancient Egypt, they believed that it was able to ward off evil spirits. They called it the 'Gem of the Sun' and it was one of Cleopatra's favourite gemstones, though she may have thought she was wearing emeralds at the time.

Peridot, as well as being August's birthstone is the national gemstone of Egypt.


I love Peridot and it's rich history. I especially like to pair it with lava stone to reflect the mythology and way that the stone is formed in the earth. For your own piece of history, shop now!

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Everything is special about this gemstone. Found on Hawaiian beaches, in meteorites and discovered on the planet Mars. WOW.

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I would like to thank matintheworld (for the martian), artcore3d (the newspaper editor), as well as tvdklaus143 for the beautiful illustration of Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of volcanoes and fire.

And another huge thank you to Graphicbug for the watercolour gemstone images on each birthstone page. So talented!