Opal - October

Watercolour Opal Gemstone


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You are known to be;

Chatty ♦ Charismatic ♦ Decisive ♦ Fair ♦ Loves outdoors ♦ Concerned ♦ Touchy

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October Birthstone ♦ 14th Anniversary ♦ Zodiac sign associations for Libra and Scorpio ♦ Planet association is Venus ♦ Water Element

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Comes in pretty much every colour ♦ Amorphous crystal system ♦ 5.5 - 6.5 on Mohs' hardness scale ♦ Transparent to opaque ♦ Usually a vitreous luster, but also examples of pearly, waxy, or resinous ♦ Optical Effects > Opalescence

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Chakras depends on colour ♦ Opal comes in white, pink, black, beige, blue, yellow, brown, orange, red, green, purple ♦ Creative ♦ Faithfulness ♦ Spontaneity ♦ Loyalty

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On my search for gemstone myths and legends, I had already decided to focus on Australia, Ethiopia and Mexico as these are the most famous mining locations.

So we start our journey in Australia where around 95% of our opal comes from... And the Aborigines explain to us how opal was first created...

Aboriginal Creator God stepping of a rainbow and creating opals in his footsteps


Wisdom and knowledge are passed down through generations of Aborigines in 'The Dreaming', which very simply put is a collection of stories that describe their values, laws and beliefs.

The Dreaming tells of the Ancestral Spirits, who often came to earth in human form, and created the lands, rocks, animals and plants. They also explained the links between them all and how we are all entwined. This is an important part of Aboriginal spirituality even today.

There are a number of legends to explain the birth of opal, which is said to bring hope, love and spiritual connection.

The one I have chosen is illustrated here. It tells the story of how the Creator, Baiame, came to give the people a message of peace. He traveled on a rainbow and as his foot touched the land, the stones beneath his feet turned into opal, with tiny rainbows captured within them.


Opal comes in so many beautiful forms, there is a variety for everyone. Have a look in my shop for rainbows trapped in stone, to rocks with unusual patterns and colours.

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The opalescence, or play of colour in some opals is simply magical. This video from the GIA is a good overview of how opal is formed

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Thank you to nivanthi for the amazing interpretation of the Aboriginal opal creation story. I love the imagery on here, it really brings it to life.

And another to Graphicbug for the watercolour gemstone images on each birthstone page. So talented!