Crystal Healing - Yea or Nay? Episode 3 - Fluorite

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fluorite 1

We are up to Episode 3 in our Crystal Healing Yea or Nay series. I’m still not convinced, but I’m loving the science, so I’m moving on to a favourite... Fluorite.

What can I say about Fluorite. It, well... fluoresces. Just like a gin and tonic in a nightclub. G&T got your attention – right? Though it’s actually the quinine in the tonic, but I prefer to imagine that the gin needs to be in there. Or vodka. Pick your poison.

fluorite 2

When ultraviolet light (photons) hit the crystal’s electrons, the electron jumps away from the nucleus to a higher orbit and then jumps back again, releasing the photon energy at a longer wavelength (because it used some up in the bounce), causing the mineral to ‘glow’ in ultraviolet light.

I’m not sure at what point ancient people might have discovered this phenomenon. I certainly don’t remember Mr Finan my History teacher talking about Victorian nightclubs.

fluorite 3

Regardless, this mineral is thought to increase intellect, protect against manipulation and is apparently a great stabiliser for both you and the environment around you.

fluorite 4

Next up – Birefringence!