Crystal Healing - Yea or Nay? Episode 2 - Tourmaline

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Still on the fence about the power of gemstones? Yes? Me too. So let’s look at our second example... Tourmaline. One of October’s birthstones, along with Opal.

Tourmaline, like quartz is piezoelectric. But it is also Pyroelectric (pyro from the Greek for fire). Meaning that if a tourmaline is heated and then allowed to cool, it will have a positive charge at one end of the crystal and a negative one on the other. What does this do? It collects dust!


I have no intention on replacing my vacuum, but... I did put a piece on the windowsill for a few days last weekend when the weather was lovely and it was a mucky mess when I looked at it today. Whereas the peridot next to it was more or less spotless.

In fact, the Dutch used to call it aschentrekker and used it clean ash from inside their meerschaum tobacco pipes because of this amazing property.


Unsurprisingly, this power of attraction means that tourmaline is considered a very useful gemstone for drawing energy, inspiration, compassion and prosperity to you. As well as dissipating negative thoughts and connecting the spirit to the earth.


So, any closer to thinking crystal healing could be a 'thing'? I'm still on the fence, but my mind is open! Let's keep exploring...

Thanks for reading!

Next up... Fluorite.