Crystal Healing - Yea or Nay? Episode 1 - Quartz

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So. Crystal Healing. What do you think? I am undecided. I am also a nerd. So this is the first a few posts that will list some sciencey stuff about gemstones.

Let’s start with one we all know. Quartz.


Quartz is piezoelectric. Give them a squeeze and their atoms will move out of their allocated space and generate a little electric current. This works the other way too. Taser your quartz and it will give itself a little squeeze.

Quartz watches maximise on this tasering. The battery zaps a quartz cut to vibrate 32768 times per second. This ultimately powers the second hand through more sciencey stuff I’m not going into here as it hurts my head. But it’s still awfully cool.


Even since ancient times, people understood without the science that quartz was powerful. It is believed to be a source of power, energy amplifier, to stimulate positivity, concentration and memory.
Whatever you believe, it is an amazing gemstone.


Tourmaline has the same property but is used differently– I’ll talk about that in the next post.

Thanks for reading!