The Making of Fura's Tears

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An account of my inspiration for my necklace "Fura's Tears" that was made for and luckily chosen for Jewellery Makers Market Place to 18th May 2017.

So I normally wouldn't even think about blogging the making of a piece, but I got excited about this one and decided to share the journey anyway.

On Monday morning I was perusing the Jewellery Maker Facebook page to see what I had missed over the previous couple of days and happened across a post about submitting a piece to be shown and sold on their TV Channel.

All the applicants needed to do was send 3 photos, a brief description, and a couple lines about the inspiration and themselves. All the materials had to have been purchased from them so they could guarantee quality, and product codes must be sent in the email. By the following evening. EEK!

Jewellery Maker Facebook Post Link

Jewellery Maker Facebook Post

'OOOOOOoooo' thought I. What an opportunity! I'm not totally sure about the amount of interest there would be selling finished handmade jewellery to handmade jewellery makers on a jewellery making supplies shopping channel. But hey ho, it's a bit of FUN!

But there are so many talented jewellery makers, is my stuff even good enough!? Well, I figured I had nothing to lose, so off I went, in search of inspiration, knowing I had very limited time.

I thought I'd tie it in with my new web launch of birthstone jewellery and set about trying to decide which birthstone I should use. But I had so many to choose from (well, you know... 12 to choose from), and could not really make up my mind. In the end, I went for Emerald. Why? Because it was May.

Next... what kind of piece to make. Hmm. Should I create an asymmetric front toggle clasp design? They are my most popular sales. No. Not unique enough. Oh! I know! What about a nice Victorian style rosary linked emerald chain with emerald tassel, my current favourite design. No.... That would use up too much silver wire and emeralds with no guarantee of actually selling, and would take ages to make. Hmm....

So, I went back to my own page on Emerald, and that is when the real inspiration struck. The myth I'd decided to tell on my page is a Colombian legend. And Ancient South American jewellery is striking so I decided to try and make a piece that is influenced by that style.

Tena Fura Crags in Colombia

I searched for “inca jewelry artifacts” in Google to see some some original pieces. And below is a screen print of what came up.

Screenshot of internet search

I noticed the circles, shapes, drops, stylised men, animals and gods. But mostly I saw GOLD.

Hmmm. This may present a problem. I’m not entirely sure how much of my gold stash I’m actually prepared to part with. Hahahaha.

So I had a looksee. 

And there she was. My beautiful brushed gold slider clasp. Oh so pretty. And the design inspiration grew from there. The slider would represent the sun, I could see if a tube spacer could be incorporated to replicate some of the shapes I'd seen on the internet, then I would use my emeralds to represent the tears shed by Fura. And as it turned out, each of the Guardian cliffs and the valley they protect as well.

You can see my design here. 


 I just hoped that the little spacer bar would fit into the slider clasp. If not, I'd have to make something with wire. OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE!

I was lucky. The tube was just the right size for the slider clasp. And more than that, my feather weight headpins could be threaded through the rube in opposite directions to then be used for the emerald cliffs and provided the piece with strength. It was like it was meant to be :)

End to end, it took maybe only an hour. Sometimes jewellery making happens like that. An idea, a search for materials, a luck coincidence that they all fit together. It rarely happens like that I can tell you!

This is not like anything else I have made before. And I am so pleased with the results. 

Finished Necklace on bust Finished Necklace Closeup

After that was done, I decided to pop a couple extras in the box; a print of the painting that had inspired the piece and a couple extra pages about the concept, inspiration and some upcoming music that will launch in the summer on breezymusic that was inspired by these gemstones and their myths.

I have no idea if this item will sell. Or - should it sell - if it's new owner will like it or appreciate it's story. Or if they will dismantle it to use up all of it's components.

The Jewellery Maker market place with air on 18th May, at some point between 8am and 11pm. So I will share a YouTube link and timing on Friday. Whether is it a success ro failure, I have enjoyed the journey and it will pass into my own myth and legend.


Corny but true!


Update! It sold! That was an exciting 5 minutes of fame. I'm not sure if they will do it again, I hope so. I'm sure all of us that were featured had the same nervouse excitement whilst it was all going on. And a great confidence boost. Thanks JM :)

Sold item on Jewellery Maker TV