Aquamarine - March

Watercolour aquamarine gemstone


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You are known to be;

Affectionate ♦ Kind ♦ Dreamers ♦ Creative ♦ Love to travel ♦ Moody

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March Birthstone ♦ Zodiac sign associations for Pisces and Scorpio ♦ Ruled by the Moon and Neptune ♦ Water Element

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The blue to blue-green colours are attributed to iron impurities ♦ Hexagonal crystal system ♦ 7.5-8 on Mohs' hardness scale ♦ Transparent to opaque ♦ Vitreous Luster ♦ Pleochroic, uncommonly may show cat's eye effect, asterism or fluorescence.

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Throat Chakras ♦ Known to be a stone of courage ♦ Calming ♦ Soothing ♦ Cleansing ♦ Trust


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Aquamarine's power over treacherous waters...

Aquamarine has been associated with the sea across the millennia. In Thailand, in ancient Babylon, through the Middle East to Europe. From the ancient Egyptians to the Greeks and the Romans.

Each culture cherished this gemstone for its protection against the perils of ocean voyages. Each culture has its own deep-rooted lore that lasts to this day.

Sailors hold aquamarine amulets

Brave sailors, merchants and tradesmen wore talismans and amulets of aquamarine for luck and fortune as they set sail through uncharted seas...

More than this though, they believed that the gem – a favourite of the sea gods and mermaids – could help protect them against treacherous waters.

Storms rage and the sailors drop their aquamarine into the sea

When storms came, with violent winds snapping at the sails and threatening to overturn the ship and drown the sailors...

They would throw their amulets into the sea in the hope that this would appease an angry god, or help to ward off evil and a horrible death.

Beneath the turbulent waves, mermaids would capture the sinking gemstones.

Mermaids collect the aquamarine

There are many stories as to why mermaids were captivated by this beautiful stone.

That aquamarine was made from their tears... or even their tails...

Or that it fell from a mermaid’s jewellery box, washed ashore and was found and blessed by Neptune, the god of the sea.Whatever their origin, back on land it is said to calm, sooth and cleanse.

And legend says that when these gemstones are gifted to the mermaids, the guardians of the sea calm the stormy waters to ensure a safe return home.

Neptune calms the stormy waters

I hope you enjoyed our story. It is a combination of many different myths and legends, so I apologise to any experts that disagree with my interpretations. :0)  


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The perfect gift for someone going on a journey. Aqua marina is the Latin for 'seawater'. A pale blue to blue-green gemstone with a lovely history.

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In partnership with fallen_leaf, we have created an illustrated story for the beautiful Aquamarine. I am very excited about presenting this to you with such a fabulous artist.

And a huge thank you to Graphicbug for the watercolour gemstone images on each birthstone page. So talented!