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My mission 

I want everyone to appreciate gemstones as I do. I want to tell you their stories, their myths, their legends. If you hang around long enough, I want to tell the kinds of tales you might have heard around a campfire hundreds of years ago. Whether it be through the jewellery piece itself, or accompanying artwork, video or even music, I want you to fall in love with these beautiful gemstones just as I have. 

And it's not just gemstones. There is often a great back story to things you see everyday. Magpies! Aren't they great? Curious and cheeky. In the UK, they are often considered bad luck. But these guys mate for life, so in China and and Korea they are a symbol of good fortune, and the singing of a magpie foretells happiness and good news to come. . This is just a little snippet into my Birds Mythology range. And it won't stop there. I can't wait to tell you about bears, and whales, and the mighty phoenix. But that will all have to wait until I get some more supplies in. Sorry, I am getting ahead of myself. Where was I? Oh yes. My Mission. 

I do my very best to use recycled or recyclable packaging wherever possible. This includes greeting cards, tissue paper, postcards, flyers, ribbon and gift boxes. That said, I do not want to compromise on quality or have to increase the cost to my customer, but I will continually look for opportunities in this area.

Of course, it's still all about the jewellery. I love it. What I love best is a piece of jewellery that tells a story, or give a little nod to it, or carries it so deeply and intrinsically in it's own makeup, that you can't help but feel like you are wearing a little piece of history. Which of course, you are.

So. That's Adornate for you. I hope you stay a while. Thanks for reading!

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