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Focus on June's Birthstone Pearl

June Birthstone ♦ 30th Anniversary ♦ Monday Daystone ♦ Zodiac sign associations for Gemini and Cancer ♦ Planet association is the Moon ♦ Water Element

 Humorous ♦ Talkative ♦ Far thinking ♦ Friendly ♦ Day Dreamer ♦ Hesitating


Boy finds pearl. Pearl is magic. Jealous men try to take the pearl. Boy eats pearl (?!) and turns into a dragon.

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What Our Customers Say...

Lovely, pretty little bracelet. Dawn, the seller, couldn't have been nicer or more helpful and it arrived promptly and with an unexpected pair of earrings! Would definitely go back to Adornate again when I'm looking for a thoughtful gift.

from Etsy

Fantastic work. I love wearing this. The owner was very generous to include earrings. Thank you. Will shop here in the future. 

from Etsy

This necklace is absolutely beautiful! My sister loved it, her birthstone is aquamarine (March), the crystal was great quality. It arrived very quickly :D thank you xXx

from Etsy

Thank you so much for the lovely necklace and gorgeous earrings to match. Very pleased  

from Etsy
Thank you from customer

Cerys (letter... and my favourite)